Fall Foliage: The best places to “Leaf Peep” in Lake Placid

Anybody who knows me knows that Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. When I was a kid it meant Halloween decorations, candy corn season, and playing in the leaves. In High School it was all about Cross Country season, candy corn, and Homecoming float building. Now, Fall is the time when Lake Placid quiets down a little, winter athletes start to return to the OTC, and everything becomes a thousand times more beautiful as the leaves change (also, Hannaford starts stocking candy corn). There’s something about the calm and quiet of the Fall, and the anticipation of the Winter that just makes me so happy. Its also the time of year when I like to look back on everything that I did over the Summer, and look forward to the fun of the Winter season in a Winter Olympic town. This Summer, I finished Ironman Lake Placid, and we are one year closer to the next Winter Games, so I am feeling especially content and happy heading into my favorite time of year!

Its no secret that people come to the Adirondacks in September just to take in the Fall Foliage, and with the leaves just starting to change, peak foliage will be here before you know it! The leaves will stay on the trees and the colors will stick around for a few weeks, but what we call “peak foliage” only lasts a few days – usually right at the end of the month. So in order to take advantage of all the Adirondacks have to offer as the leaves change, here’s a few suggestions of where to go and what to do while you visit!

We’ll start with the easiest & least physically taxing :)



Just 0.5 miles from Main Street, you will find the Lake Placid Marina, where you can take a pontoon boat tour of Lake Placid. Lake Placid is surrounded by privately owned land, so this is one of the only ways to see the Lake and the beautiful camps on its shores. Whats better than a boat ride where you can see fall foliage, historic camps, and the High Peaks all while hearing about the history of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Park?



The View from The Cottage Cafe

1268257_10151733320450787_2007891099_o 1380671_10151733503865787_737558879_n

If you are staying in town, one of the best things to do is take a stroll around Mirror Lake. There is a 2.7 mile brick sidewalk that wraps around the Lake to make a complete loop including Main Street. If you take the walk early in the morning, you can often watch the fog lift off the Lake to reveal late season swimmers and early morning fisherman in action. In the evening, you can watch the sun set over town from The Boathouse Restaurant on the back side of the Lake. During the day, you’ll pass runners, cyclists, and families out taking in the views and brisk weather!


DSCN5108 DSCN5129

Mt. Whitney Road is one of my favorite places to run year round, but especially in the Fall. There’s nothing quite like the serenity of a windy gravel road meandering through the Adirondack forest. Its quiet and peaceful, and also a private road (so be respectful!). Located on the back side of Mirror Lake, it is the only way to reach many of the Great Camps along the shore of Lake Placid, and also the location of the Cobble Hill trail head. Cobble Hill is a popular short hike with views of Mirror Lake, the famed Ski Jumps, The Village of Lake Placid, and the Mt Van Hovenberg combined sliding track. If you want to enjoy a peaceful walk or run near town, but off the beaten path, Mt Whitney Road is the place to go!



The Ausable River meanders from Wilmington to Lake Placid along Route 86, and down River Road. A popular place for fly fishing, the Ausable is gorgeous in the Fall. There are a number of hiking trails all along Route 86 which follow the river, including The Flume trails in Wilmington. You can marvel at the calmness of the Ausable along River Road in Lake Placid, or watch it plunge over nearly 700 feet of waterfalls at the High Falls Gorge in Wilmington. From there, you can take a scenic drive up the Veterans Memorial Highway to witness the mesmerizing views from the summit of Whiteface Mountain.


HeartLake DSCN3412

One of the most popular hikes in Lake Placid, Mount Jo and Heart Lake is also one of the most scenic. Located at the Adirondack Loj (pronounced like lodge) just outside of town, Mt. Jo is almost like the gateway to the High Peaks. It sits just in front of Algonquin Mountain, Wright Peak, & Iroquois Peak, the three iconic mountains which can easily be spotted on the Lake Placid horizon. From the top you can catch glimpses of the Village of Lake Placid, as well as all of the High Peaks and Great Range. It is one of the best places in the world to watch the sunrise, even more so in Autumn! Mt Jo can be hiked in 2-3 hours (round trip) or less, so its a great option for beginners or families! If you don’t feel up to tackling the climb, there is a short, flat trail which goes around Heart Lake.


DSCN3477 DSCN3436

Another popular hike, the trail to Marcy Dam is an easy and relatively flat 3 miles. This trail is the lead-in to many of the High Peaks, so it is very well maintained, and will have you hiking alongside some of the most experienced backpackers in the Adirondacks. Unfortunately, the Dam itself was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, so the area in front of the Dam which used to be a serene lake is now more of a mud bog. However, it is still a beautiful walk, and the smaller dam (pictured above) is still there. You can take in views of Mt. Colden and Algonquin Peak from the Dam, and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can continue on to one of the many High Peaks off of adjacent trails or Avalanche Lake.


Brothers3 BigSlide11547996_10152486679720787_2199416306608441991_o1898751_10152486679605787_1473432231435529065_o10658905_10152486678695787_8267257700190027304_o10700303_10152486682725787_4575227385404717082_o10708667_10152486680500787_1163300241349322405_o10710255_10152486699185787_437404727581005622_o

In all honesty, any hike on any trail in the Adirondacks will be beautiful in the Fall, but The Three Brothers is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I make a point to do this hike each year during peak foliage. A bit of a drive from Lake Placid (but worth it), this hike begins at the Johns Brook Lodge Parking Area in Keene Valley. The majority of the hike is along an open ridge, so you get to take in the above views for almost the whole time you are hiking! Because it is along a ridge, it is fairly steep and challenging hike. However, just as the name implies, there are three separate peaks on this hike, so it is possible to just hike one and turn around, or keep going and do all three! If you get to the top of the third and still aren’t satisfied, you can continue on the same trail and hike to the summit of Big Slide, one of the famous 46 High Peaks! There really is nothing quite like sitting atop an Adirondack Peak in the crisp Autumn air while surrounded by “flaming leaves”!



For those who aren’t into hiking, walking, or pontoon boating, there is always a scenic drive! While I’m not big into scenic drives myself, I am into scenic bike rides, and one of the best is the Lake Placid Ironman Bike Loop. Begin in Lake Placid and take Route 73 toward Keene. You will drive along parts of the Ausable, past the Ski Jumps and popular Cascade Mountain before descending into Keene. From there, go left onto Route 9 towards Ausable Forks. Route 9 has some of my favorite views along the whole loop! Once In Ausable Forks, turn left again on Route 86 toward Wilmington. Here you will see your first views of Whiteface Mountain and the ski trails on its face, which are very nice in the fall. Go left again in Wilmington to continue on Rte 86 back to Placid and revel at the views of the Ausable River and surrounding Cliffs and Mountains!


Giant Mountain via the Ridge Trail, Henry’s Woods, John Brown Farm & Historic Site, The Peninsula Trails, Phelps Mountain, Gothics Mountain


1383015_10151741208355787_453791122_n 1960990_10152486674645787_5440145242952415432_o 10446246_10152486674845787_8581512018362900012_o

While you visit, keep an eye out for some of our unique wildlife! Loons are abundant in the area, and can be found/heard in and around almost all of the Lakes. The Loon call is an iconic sound in the Adirondacks, and can be heard throughout the day, but especially early in the morning and after dusk.

One of my favorite creatures in the Adirondacks is the Red Spotted Newt. Red spotted newts are really cool because they are born in the water. When they reach “adolescence” they turn red, crawl ashore, and live on land in the woods until they reach adulthood. When they are living on land, they are called “Red Efts”. As adults, they turn a grey/tan color, but their spots stay a bright red/orange, and their tail turns into a more aquatic looking tadpole-like tail. They make their way back to the water, where they breed and remain for the rest of their lives. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Thats all for now! I hope everyone gets to enjoy the ADK Foliage this Fall!

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I’m Back!

Its been nearly 2 years since I have updated here, but I’m trying to get back into the blog game! A lot has happened since I last posted… Of course I did a lot more hiking, but I also trained for an completed my first Ironman in Lake Placid!!! I spent most of this year swimming, biking, running, and lifting, so I didn’t have too many photos to upload anyways! In the last month, I have spent my time recovering from Ironman, and getting used to life with my new Diabetes Alert Dog in Training, Kaya! Kaya loves to hike and get outside, so hopefully we will be posting often! Heres a few pictures from my time away from the blog!

In December 2013 I started a new job with the United States Olympic Committee. In February I got to help welcome home our local Olympians including several medalists!


Welcome Home Sochi Olympians!!!

I also got the chance to Bobsled with one of those Olympians in the same sled she raced in during the games!


Sliding with Olympian Jazmine Fenlator!

We had a great winter in Lake Placid including a few big storms that left town looking beautiful!


Outside the Mirror Lake Inn

In August 2014 I finished my second Ironman 70.3 Timberman in New Hampshire. Most of my summer was spent training in and around Mirror Lake. The Lake is beautiful for open water swimming, and there are no motor boats allowed, so it is safe!


Swimming on the Lake Placid Ironman Course!

After Timberman, I spent the fall doing more hiking and enjoying the best season in Lake Placid! I also knew it would be my last few months of freedom before Ironman training began in January!


On my favorite fall hike – The Three Brothers

In March, I went on my first official business trip! I got to go to Colorado Springs to attend a quarterly USOC Staff meeting as well as have lunch with Scott Blackmun, the CEO of the USOC. I stayed at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center and got to see some of my friends who are training out there during the summer! I also had some friends who were nice enough to take me out and show me around. We hiked the notorious incline, visited The Garden of the Gods, and rode “The Terrordactyl” at The Cave of the Winds!


At the Garden if the Gods in Colorado!

After that, my whole life revolved around Ironman Training! After what seemed like forever, July 26th 2015 rolled around and I FINISHED MY FIRST IRONMAN!!!! It was INCREDIBLE!




With my #1 fans!

I celebrated by eating a lot and sleeping a lot! Once I started to feel better, I got back on the trails! I took our summer sports med intern out on one of my favorite hikes – Cascade Mountain at sunrise!


We had to get the famed jump shot!


There was a lot of cloud cover and we were worried we wouldn’t see the sunrise at all, but we ended up getting quite the show!

In mid-August I picked up my puppy for good! Lucky for me, she enjoys hiking and running as much as I do! We’ve been having a blast together so far!


Kaya atop Mt. Van Hovenberg – her first Adirondack Mountain


Happy puppy on Owls Head Peak!

Thats about it! More soon!

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Cascade Mountain Again

-25° F at the summit and incredibly windy – I estimate that the wind chill up top was anywhere between -50°F and -60°F.

DSCN5395 DSCN5396 DSCN5400

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Whiteface Winter Sunset

DSCN5334 DSCN5337

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Rooster Comb


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More Fall Foliage

DSCN5125 DSCN5129 DSCN5137 DSCN5139 DSCN5145 DSCN5108 DSCN5122

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Summit Sunrise Panoramas: Mt. Jo

HeartLake JoSunrise4 JoSunrise3 JoSunrise2 JoSunrise HeartLake2

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